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Site became obsolete 29th March 2006

So it has been a Looooong old time since the last update. This is because we were still working towards the new site, which is done!!! So go there NOW!.

In the meantime we had some news that couldnt wait.

After years of producing the worlds best hubs G-Sport is doing a rim.
That's right. Designs that I had been sitting on for years because I didnt have the resources or the connections to make are now going to be made.

The result is the RIBCAGE  (click the name for a link to some details)

A few issues of Ride UK have come out since the last update, so that means that two new ones have been added to the archive of.... TECH COLUMNS...    These are on frame sizing and that much ignored component, the chain.

The new batch of G-Sport hubs should have been available for a while now, a few minor improvements have been made as part of a running change. The result  of this is we have been able to pare away a little surplus weight, without compromising strength or performance.

New weights are as follows.

Marmoset     253g / 8.9 ounces

Monkey Front   335g / 11.8 ounces
Monkey Rear    388g / 13.7 ounces

Homer Front    489g / 17.3 ounces
Homer Rear    512g / 18.1 ounces



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Mankey Strap Fitting Guide

Sheffield has gained another new concrete park. This, our third, destroys that old myth of "third time lucky". This one was coordinated by Kinnear Landscape Architects, Neil Black was the guy who contacted me but then steadfastly refused to return e.mails or phone calls. Surprisingly the park is better than the last council effort in Millhouses Park but has some serious problems with coping sticking out and poor layout and sizing. Once again the needs of BMXers being almost totally ignored. The new park is near Hillsborough in Cookson Park which seems to be in Southey. It's fun but not quarter of a million pounds fun.

If you look down the bottom of the page you will see that the address and phone numbers are gone. This is all part of the arrangement with Odyssey so dont panic. If you need to contact someone about a product then please try your local distributor or shop. You can still e.mail me of course. The old address is no longer in use so please do not send anything there as it will just confuse the new owner.

As You may know by now G-Sport has sidled itself up to Odyssey and tucked itself under their wing.
By becoming part of the Odyssey family G-Sport products should become much more easily available and a little cheaper. Especially to people in exotic foreign lands.

Because Odyssey will be covering all the stuff I am so bad at like management, ordering, packaging and soon the website too, I (George) will be able to spend a lot more of my time on new product design and development.

There is a press-release HERE which puts it much better than I can.

Rest assured that I will still be contactable and am only to happy to reply to e.mails etc...

The obvious big news is the new Odyssey Elementary Stem which is finally public and should be shipping to shops NOW!!! I designed this many years ago after I discontinued the Nimrod Stem, but could never afford to make it (and if I had it would have cost an arm and a leg) so for the last 18 months I have been working with Odyssey to develop it. This means it will be an Odyssey product rather than a G-Sport one but its better than it languishing in my head for the rest of time...

(Nothing added to the possible plans for Devonshire Green Skatepark all ideas from riders and skaters still welcome though Sheffield City Council seem to have abandoned the idea)


Welcome Blurb that is always here...
Since 1994 G-Sport has been making the very finest BMX components on the face of the earth. Our legendary hubs have earned an unrivalled reputation for their durability and performance and we back it up with a solid lifetime warranty. Check out the links above and see what we have to offer. The product section has detailed photos of all the stuff and full descriptions of all the advantages they offer. The custom section has some useful guides to bike modifications and customisations that you might find interesting as well as the world famous wheel building guide. The riding section contains a few photos and stuff. In support are comprehensive service guides for all the G-Sport products (or at least there will be when I get round to writing them) and an archive of all the tech columns I have written for Ride UK.

G-Sport products are made with love.

Site is still under construction and probably always will be.....     Re-Launched on new domain 20-02-2003

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