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G-Sport products offer a LOT of advantages over the competition. All the products are made here in the UK rather than being typical Taiwaneese clones.
Please take the time to read all about them.



The G-Sport Nipple Clamp is still available. Loved by hundreds this cheap simple little device replaces ordinary soldered on nipples in brake levers and arms to act as a stop. More secure than a Standard Knarp it has a hundred uses and can be re-used again and again. Made in the UK from stainless steel and just £4 each.


Nuggets are an incredibly clever little device that never took off. Used on AD and cantilever brakes these little babies make brake block adjustment a doddle. No more cursing and swearing as you try to set toe-in height and reach all at once.
A grub screw holds the block securely in the Nugget and the usual nut allows other adjustment like toe in and height.

If (like me) you still run this sort of brake block you can still give them a go.

Weight 43g pair
(Replaces std. block fittings at 26g pair)

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