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G-Sport products offer a LOT of advantages over the competition. All the products are made here in the UK rather than being typical Taiwaneese clones.
Please take the time to read all about them.


G. L. A. N. D. 2

G.L.A.N.D. 2  on wheel
Cross Section to show profile to match spokes

weight 50g

Available Now

The G-Sport  "GRINDS LOVELY ANTI NANGING DEVICE" is a guard that fits to the spokes of any wheel to protect the spokes and hub flange from grind damage.

It also provides a much better grinding surface than spokes and flange so grinds are longer smoother and more predictable.

The steel G.L.A.N.D. set the standard but is now discontinued. The new light weight polymer G.L.A.N.D. has now replaced it, Lighter, smoother, tougher and (amazingly) CHEAPER. It fits all G-Sport hubs and most others.  Can be modified if necessary to fit almost any hub without affecting the warranty. Held in place by simple zip-ties or the new "Mankey Strap" both are included with the GLAND2.  To see the fitting instructions using the Mankey Strap click here.

JUST £10


We all need bar ends.
What we dont need is crap ones that fall out or shatter.
Bell Ends are cheap strong and fit really well.
By fitting to the outside diameter but gripping on the inside Bell Ends are guaranteed to be a good fit. The design helps hide your bad saw work when you cut the bars down and they fit all known bars.
At just £10 a pair you dont have to settle for taiwaneese tat.
Available in three varieties; Normal and Big for 7/8" bars, and a 1" version.

The Normal 7/8" versions weigh 60g per pair.
The Big 7/8" versions weigh 73g a pair.
The 1" versions weigh 70g a pair.

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